We are a law office with more than fifteen years of tradition in basically all law areas. More than a decade of experience and knowledge has secured us the reputation of an office providing both business and personal legal services in high quality. We focus on delivering creative solutions to challenging legal problems that enable our clients to achieve their business and personal goals.

We provide our clients with comprehensive legal advice in all law areas, emphasizing intellectual property law and copyright (IP), real estate law, including restitution, and commercial law. Above all, in our practice, we try to prevent disputes at first. If a litigious situation arises, we strive to find a quick conciliatory solution. However, we are always ready to resolve the case before a court in situations where an effective agreement is impossible. We have a high number of successfully resolved lawsuits in which our clients have asserted their interests.

Our office provides representation before courts of all levels, including the Supreme Court, the Supreme Administrative Court, and the Constitutional Court. As a part of our work, we actively cooperate with expert witnesses, notaries, patent lawyers, real estate agencies, and tax advisors. You can find the complete portfolio of advice provided here.