Provided legal services

Here we list the areas of law for which our clients most often look for and in which we specialize. If you do not find a description of the legal service you are looking for, please contact us.

Intellectual property law and copyright

  • trademarks, patents, utility models, designs
  • protection of know-how, trade secrets, and confidential information
  • protection of trade names, including domains
  • advice on all copyright matters, including software and databases
  • licensing agreements, agreements on the use of joint work, franchising agreements, contracts for work
  • protection against unfair competition

IT law

  • consulting in development, implementation, licensing, agile development, and use of software and other IT products
  • internet law and domain names
  • license agreements, service-level agreements (SLAs), terms and conditions, contracts for work
  • regulation of electronic communications

Protection of personal data

  • personal data protection consultancy, GDPR
  • audits and revisions of existing documentation, processes, and procedures applied by clients
  • documentation (contracts on the processing of personal data, consent to the processing of personal data, internal directives) and design of processes for the proper handling of personal data

Real estate and construction

  • contractual transfers of real estate (agreement on the future purchase contract, purchase contract, gift contract, exchange contract)
  • declaration of the building owner
  • easements (services), liens, and pre-emption rights
  • co-ownership (settlement)
  • representation before the cadastral office
  • lease, sublease, and leasing contracts
  • development projects
  • contracts for work
  • co-operative building societies
  • complete provision of case documentation for real estate agencies, including AML and reservation contracts


  • advice on the possibilities of resolving the imminent or existing bankruptcy of the client
  • insolvency proposals, applications for insolvency proceedings
  • representation of creditors at all stages of insolvency proceedings

Labor law

  • employment contracts, agreements on working activity performed outside the employment relationship, internal directives, including termination of employment
  • working hours and their schedule, working conditions, the liability of employees
  • remuneration and severance pay
  • agency employment
  • protection against competitive behavior of employees, protection of know-how, trade secrets, confidential information, copyright
  • contracts for the performance of the function of statutory bodies
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Dispute resolution

  • representation of clients at all stages of trial and arbitration proceedings, including the pre-trial phase of proceedings and preparatory phase of the arbitration proceedings
  • advice on the conciliatory settlement of disputes
  • cooperation in the enforcement of rulings and arbitration decisions (execution)

Contract law, general legal advice

  • the advice in a wide range of other legal areas within private and business relations (loan agreement, order agreement, purchase agreement, contract for work, gift agreement, license agreement, contract for transporting, insurance agreement, etc.)
  • recovery of receivables, contract on the assignment of receivables, guarantee obligation, security transfer of rights, pledge agreements, etc.
  • inheritance proceedings
  • damages, issue of unjust enrichment

Other services

  • legal custody (finances, stocks, documents)
  • authorized conversion of documents
  • signature verification